L  a  G r a n  E n c i c l o p e d i a   I l u s t r a d a  d e l   P r o y e c t o  S a l ó n  H o g a r





Proyecto Salón Hogar



   Bengali tigers live in jungles and mountains of India. There are about 3,000 (three thousand) Bengali tigers in India. They are orange or brown with black stripes. They eat fish and birds, and sometimes crocodiles and bears! They sleep during the day and eat at night. They like water and are good swimmers.


   1. Where do Bengali tigers live?


   2. What do they eat?


Read the information and match.

   __ 1. number

   __ 2. color

   __ 3. sleep

   __ 4. eat

A. during the day

B. fish and crocodiles, at night

C. brown with black stripes

D. 3,000 in India

Circle your answer.

   1. I (like / don't like) Bengali tigers.

   2. There (are / are not) Bengali tigers in United States.

   3. They (are / are not) big animals.

Write a sentence about the Bengali tiger.





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I woke up early today,

But I felt so tired.

I tried to move my hands.

But they felt so heavy!

I could not move my hands.

I tried to sit up in my bed.

But I could not move!

My back hurt and my waist hurt, too.

I tried to move my legs, slowly, very slowly.

I moved one leg first, then the other.

But I could barely move them!

I tried to put my feet on the floor.

One foot first, then the other.

I said, “Naughty feet! You have to move!”

But they would not listen.

I tried to move my head in circles.

I tried to stretch my neck.

But my neck and my head stayed still. Agh!

My eyes were wide open.

Well, I thought, at least, I can move my eyes.

I opened my mouth, slowly, very slowly.

Then I shouted, “Mom!”

Mom came.

She put her hands on my forehead

And said I had a fever.

I was sick! I had to stay in bed.

So I picked up a book.

It was a book about children.

They did many different things!

I would run, sing, jump, and play

With them for a while.


Marcela Pagan

(Puerto Rico)


1. How did the little girl felt when she woke up?


2. Who did the little girl shouted for help?


3. Who came to help the little girl?


4.  What did the little girl do at the end of the story?



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Activities areas

Let’s Read!


1) Mention the parts of the body that the girl tried to move


a)__________    b)__________    c)__________    d)__________     e)__________   


2) Mention the part of her body that the girl in the story could move.


    a) Nose

    b) Forehead

    c) Eyes


3) Circle what you would do in her situation. Then write a sentence to describe it.


    a) I would read.

    b) I would cry.

    c) I would watch TV.

    d) I would sleep.



Letters and Sounds

“It was a beautiful morning. The sun shone brightly. The little boy greeted the hens as he walked by. Then he started to sing and a cat and a dog followed him.”

·       What do the letters in red have in common?

Words are also made up of letters called vowels. There are five vowels: a, e, i, o, u. When a short word has only one vowel and it appears at the beginning of a word, or between two consonants, the sound is usually short.


    Example: cat, hen, sing, dog, su


2) Read the words out load. Then match the words that have the same vowel sound.