L  a  G r a n  E n c i c l o p e d i a   I l u s t r a d a  d e l   P r o y e c t o  S a l ó n  H o g a r



Proyecto Salón Hogar

Looking out the window,

What do you see?

I see a red car following me.

I see a blue truck following me.

I see a white airplane following me.

I see an orange ship following me.

I see a green bus following me.


Complete with the correct color.

   1. The truck is _________________.

   2. The ship is __________________.

   3. The bus is __________________.

   4. The car is ___________________.


Circle the correct answer.

   1. The __________ is white.

   2. The __________ is red.

   3. The __________ is green.

   4. The __________ is orange.





or    airplane

or    bus

or    bus

or    ship


What does she see out of the window?





Page 1


Complete the blanks.




Page 2


Circle the correct answer.



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Page 4



Match up the letter with the word.



Page 5



Practice writing and circle the picture with matching letter.




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Match up the letters and words.



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Complete this page.


Page 8




Connect matching letters and words.


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No! No! No!


          I woke up this morning when my mom came and said, “It’s time for school, Lucas. Get out of bed!” “Just one more minute,” I said a frown. But she answered, “No, Lucas. I said wake up now!”


          I got out of bed and put on my clothes. “Breakfast is ready,” said my mother, Rose. “Can I have pancakes?” I asked. She said, “No! made oatmeal today. So just eat it and go.”

          After breakfast, I sat down to watch some TV. “No! You must go to school.” Said my mother to me. “Aren’t you going to drive me?” I asked like a fool. She answered, “No, Luke, dear. Take the school bus to school!”


          When I got to the school, I ran out to the yard. “No running! It’s class time,” said Charlie, the guard. And when lunch time came, I asked Mrs. Cruz for a hotdog and ice cream. She politely refused. “We have mangoes, bananas, macaroni and cheese, pears, grapes, and guavas, string beans, and peas.” 


          I thought I could play when I got home from school. But Mom said, “No! Chores first! You know the rules.” When my homework was done, I was hungry once more. “Pizza,” I said. But you know the score. My mother said, “No! We are having beef stew, carrots, and peas, and rice and beans, too.”


          I won’t say what came next, but guess what Mom said: “No! You can’t do that. Get ready for bed.” And as my eyes closed, I felt myself float right out of the room, as if I were on a boat.


          When I opened my eyes, I was in a strange space with hundreds of fairies all over the place. I tried to get up, but was quickly pushed down. “No! You must keep on sleeping,” said a sprite named Bob Brown.


          My stomach was growling when I got out of bed. “Please give me some pancakes,” I said full of dread. “No pancakes,” said Bob. “It’s Ding-dong today. Just gobble you breakfast and go out to play.”


          After hours of playing, I was ready to stop. “No resting,” said a sprite who was dresses like a cop. I’m hungry,” I said. “I’d like hotdogs and fries.” “No hotdogs,” she said. “Only cupcakes and pies.


          After lunch, I was tired. I wanted to nap. “No napping!” said Bob Brown. “Get ready to rap.” And Bob started rapping and shaking the floor. I was tired and scared, but the sprites wanted more.


          When dinner time came, I was hungry for steak, baked, potatoes, and string beans – no more cookies and cake. But the fairies said “No! We don’t eat healthy food.”


          After dinner, they told me I could not go to bed, but my stomach was aching, and so was my head. Just then I got dizzy and started to swoon. When I opened my eyes, I was back in my room.


           I woke up that morning, to my mother’s sweet voice. I got out of bed quickly, as if by choice. I ate oatmeal, not pancakes. I did not watch TV. I went straight to class after the bus took me to school. For lunch, I ate oranges, apples, and ham. After doing my homework, I had chicken with yams. And when it was bedtime, I didn’t put up a fight. I got into bed, and Mom kissed me good night.


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  Activities areas

Let’s Read!




1.  What Lucas did wrong when he arrived to school? _______________________

2.  How did Lucas woke up in the beginning of the story? _______________________

3.  What Lucas was eating that it’s not healthy? ___________________________

4. What did Lucas do at the end of the story? ______________________________


1) Mark the main idea of the story.


a) Lucas likes to study.

b) Lucas does not want to eat healthy food.

c) Lucas has to eat candy

d) Lucas feels happy after he obeys his mother’s rules.


2) Put the events from the story in order.


___ The guardian told Lucas not to run at school

___ Lucas had a nightmare.

___ Lucas ate healthy food.

___ Lucas woke up late and mad.


3) Draw a new ending to the story. Then write a new title for it.




Letters and Sounds


When a word has two vowels and the second one is a final e, the first vowel usually has

a long sound and the e is silent.


          Example: rice, grapes, ice cream, cake

1) Circle the final e’s you find. The read the words out loud.


a) rice                                               b) cake

                   c) ice cream                                     d) camel


2) Read the words out loud. Then circle the words that have a long vowel sound. Underline the final e.


a) mother

b) chore

c) pear

d) grape

e) home


3) Fill in the missing vowels.


a) c___k___

b) cl___th___s

c) n___s___

d) gra___p___s

e) r___c___